Why is the Gambia a Safe Real-Estate Investment Destination?

August 4, 2021by Hardik

Invest in Gambia.” This is one of the most common responses you’ll get when seeking experts’ advice on lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate sector abroad. Unlike before, professional investors have now fully comprehended the potential of the Gambia as a property investment destination. There are multiple reasons behind this. One of them is the support of the local government. It allows foreign investors to play an active role whenever possible.

The demand has been significantly rising over the years in the Gambia real estate sector, and it is the best time to make the most of this opportunity. A solid environment is being developed here for affordable housing, with macroeconomic policies targeted towards financial and social inclusion.

Why do Property Investors Prefer to Invest in Gambia?

Numerous factors have fuelled the growth of the real estate market in the Gambia. Here are some of the most influential ones.

Easily Accessible

The Gambia is very easily accessible. It is well-connected to both Europe and the USA through direct flights, and the UK is also within six hours away. Alternatively, one can travel to Dakar Airport from Gambia, which is only half an hour away by air. It is connected to some of the farthest corners of the world through direct flights. Thus, such ease of accessibility attracts lots of tourists and has led Gambia to significant prosperity.

Favourable Government Policies and Support

The government of Gambia is clearly encouraging foreign investors to invest in Gambia. It has built its reputation as a free-market enterprise and thus is one of the safest investment destinations in the real estate sector. Moreover, property conveyancing and laws are based on the British system. As a result, it is considerably easy to purchase or lease land or private property in the Gambia, especially for investors from the UK and Europe. Also, as a foreigner, you will find no restrictions on the form of legal ownership of property as far as the local rules and regulations are completely followed. Thus, whether you’re a short–term investor or long-term investor, you will find a wide range of construction and development opportunities in

  • Commercial Sector
  • Residential Sector
  • Agricultural Sector

Astounding Growth in Tourism

Tourism accounts for as much as 16% of Gambian GDP, and hence, is one of the largest industries in the nation’s economy. The number of foreign visitors is increasing at a considerable rate of 18-20% per year. The meteoric rise in the tourism and hospitality industry of Gambia can be attributed to its ethnic diversity, beautiful beaches, natural landscape, tasteful local cuisine and religious tolerance. Moreover, hotels, spas, coastal life and scenic villages play a significant role in attracting tourists from all over the world.

So, the Gambian government is specifically focusing on developing tourism, and real-estate players play an integral part in building and improving hotels and holiday homes.

The majority of the visitors have been British – around 42%. As well as enjoying holidays, they also visit to invest in Gambia in the real estate sector.

A Multitude of Off-Plan and Existing Property Options

Currently, the Gambia has plenty of off-plan property investment options at reasonably affordable prices. Additionally, there are numerous ready properties that are inhabitable, along with some others that just need a good finish. All these can be acquired at fairly low-priced investments. This shows that there are few chances that your decision to invest in Gambia can go wrong.

Invest Now For Greater Returns in the Gambia of Tomorrow

There are many other factors that make the Gambia one of the most preferred destinations by investors to invest in properties. So if you’re considering taking up this opportunity, now is the best time.

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