Swami India International Signed 1 Year Sponsorship Deal With Kerr Fatou

April 5, 2023by admin

Swami India International Limited, a leading Gambian Real Estate Development Company with Over 18 Years of Experience in the Real Estate business, has on Tuesday, signed a 1-year sponsorship contract with Kerr Fatou Media as one of the sponsors of the flagship show -Kerr Fatou, that airs weekly on Thursdays.

The signing ceremony was held at the Swami India International Airport Residency in Yundum. It was attended by the Swami India International Business Development Manager and Head of Marketing, Tarun K. Singh, the Chief Executive officer of Kerr Fatou, Fatou Touray, among others.

Speaking at the signing event, Swami India’s Business Development Manager and Head of Marketing, Tarun K. Singh, said they chose Kerr Fatou Media for advertisement partnership due to the leading role it plays in the digital media landscape in the country, the quality of its programs and the active engagement of its followers and audiences.

“It is going to be a very fruitful partnership to sign with Kerr Fatou media to advertise with the flagship program. I have indeed watched your shows, and it is no doubt that you have quality, and you have a lot of followers and that’s why we have decided to go to Kerr Fatou. Everybody in this world today Is digitally very active and based on our research, we realized that Kerr Fatou media got digital coverage and you are very organized. Being the leader in Real Estate development, we also want to partner with somebody who is also leading. So, when both parties are leading, there is no doubt the partnership can’t fail,” the Swami India International Business Development Manager and Head of Marketing Tarun said at the signing ceremony.

“The reasons why Kerr Fatou is the platform to advertise with are many, but unique among them is that we have the numbers to reach a wider and engaged audience. We are a respected brand, and that is very important in marketing. Responsible Businesses and brands want to be associated with stable and drama free advertising for stability and growth, and that’s what we provide for our customers.

“As the most successful, reliable, and innovative Real Estate developer in the country, we appreciate this partnership and assure you that we will do our part in showcasing the work you do. In Wolof, they say Deram ak Deram nyo muna dem, and I believe that means equals rock together. Swami is the leader in Real estate development and, of course, Kerr Fatou is the go-to online media house in the Gambia,” she said.

Swami India International has been a trusted Real Estate Developer and Construction Company in the Gambia since 2004. They offer Luxury Villas, Duplexes, and Apartments in prime locations. Swami India International was formed in 2004 under The Gambia’s Companies Act 1955 with a vision to provide high-quality homes and construction services at affordable prices. Swami India is a privately owned, diversified real estate company, which seeks to provide housing solutions to clients looking to invest in quality properties across the Gambia.

Swami India will be featured on the flagship Kerr Fatou program which is in its 6th year with over 300 episodes aired, featuring the highest-profile guests in and out of the country.