Having a penthouse not only allows you to soak in incredible views of your surroundings but also express your ideas and creativity through design and decor. As you’re now in a position to build your luxurious home, you want to start laying the foundation to make one of your dreams a reality.Looking at other penthouse designs is a great starting point, as it will inspire you with ideas on what to do with your property. We’ve curated a list of 11 inspiring and aesthetic penthouse design ideas to spark your creativity and help you make the most of your living space.

1. Mix Contemporary Design With Classical Art

While there are several ways to set your property apart, nothing comes close to the elegance you get by combining contemporary interior design style with classical art. The clean lines, punctuated by classical paintings and sculptures, add sophistication to the space.

Accentuating it with modern furniture while sticking to minimalism can do wonders in bringing the interiors alive. You can bring out the beauty of classical artworks while capturing their essence and elegance with the right tones.

2. Earthy Minimalism With Natural Materials

If you’ve chosen a location with a stunning landscape, why not make the most of it and take it into consideration while designing your penthouse? For instance, this house for sale Gambia is designed to take in the mesmerising ocean. It is also an escape from the busy urban life around it.

Give your kitchen a creative touch by going for natural materials like teak. When picking the tones, going for earthy shades can work like magic by complementing your furniture.

3. Adding Culture to Modern and Traditional Design

The colourful and vibrant culture of humankind can also be a source of design inspiration for your penthouse. And why shouldn’t you, as you can also borrow inspiration from your travels, like the Mediterranean.

Rather than sticking with what is tried and tested, you get to explore a variety of ideas and add a unique and artistic touch. Following modern and traditional interior design cues and adding culture via the tones, decor, fixtures, or furniture, there are infinite ways to showcase your adventurous side.

4. Dark, Gold, and Neutral Tones for Grandeur Touch

Gold will always remain timeless, as witnessed by its popularity throughout the history of humankind. Using dark shades like black for your decor contrasts with gold, making the space look and feel grandeur. Bring a sense of balance and harmony with neutral tones for the furniture and walls.

When combined with natural light, this aesthetic looks pleasing to the eye. There’s also plenty of room to play with your choice of lighting, even if you go for sustainable options.

5. Bridge Indoor and Outdoor Living With Elegance

If you’re an outdoorsy type, why not incorporate this into your penthouse design? A seamless transition from the indoor to outdoor space, especially in a spacious property makes it a great place to host guests.

Add concealed storage to the mix, and you got a penthouse that looks spacious and also doesn’t feel cluttered. Create an elegant outdoor space, helping ease the transition as you step out and gaze into the landscape with a mini-garden.

6. Neutral Colours for Shades of Tranquility

You may already know this, but the colours you pick for your penthouse can make a huge difference in your mood. After a long day outdoors, you want to relax and enjoy the nights in tranquillity.

Neutral colours will give warmth to your living space, making it inviting and cosy. Not only will you be at ease, but it will also add an organic and earthy look. Bring all the elements together by coupling them with modern design.

7. Transformative Black for the Industrial Look

Black can be hard to pull off and make it luxurious, which is why you only see it in the boldest of the bold interior design styles. With this dark colour, you can go for the industrial look, giving your space a steampunk vibe.

It also adds elegance when combined with clean lines and soft lighting. Also, there’s a sense of exclusivity and privacy that black offers and remains unmatched compared to other colours.

8. Go Beyond Dimensions With White

White will always remain a classic colour irrespective of time. The beauty of this hue is its ability to complement your design tastes. Regardless of what secondary or tertiary colour you go with, they will be accentuated by white.

You can also experiment with it to add dimension to the Gambia apartments, especially when you want to highlight its spaciousness. Textures with this colour will add depth to the space because of how it works with light and shadow.

9. Refine the Rustic Style with Natural Light

There’s something pleasing about blending modern and rustic designs – the contrasting nature between the two works in their favour. Along with plenty of natural light, it makes the space feel like it is a combination of the past, present, and future.

Going the rustic route, especially with your decor and furniture adds a sense of warmth. It can also match the country’s stunning nature.

10. Blending Modern Design With Serenity

While the modern design aesthetic looks grand, you can take it one step further by integrating it with the zen lifestyle. The right decor and furniture can make the space look and feel elegant.

You can go for neutral tones, as the natural light entering through the full-height windows makes the space feel alive. Take inspiration from the traditional Chinese tea rooms to add serenity to the design.

11. Be Bold With Minimalism

Use minimalism to showcase your bold design choices for your spacious penthouse. While there is always the urge to fill empty spaces with decor, sometimes, it is better to go in the opposite direction.

This design style is an excellent way to accentuate urban or countryside landscapes and give them a warm touch. Accentuate with modern design elements like steel or black marble, highlighting your artistic side.

Final Thoughts

There are no limits to your creativity when taking inspiration for designing your penthouse. If you’re interested in building your luxury home in The Gambia or want to see what else you can do, contact Swami India International. We provide a seamless experience in bringing your dream home to life, thanks to our knowledge about The Gambia real estate market coupled with our expertise in taking up premier residential projects.