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Is it wise to invest in Gambia real estate?

Even if you do not intend to occupy the property and want to rent it out, real estate investment is very rewarding. Villas and duplexes in Gambia are in high demand and may provide a consistent rental income and fair return on investment.

Do you need to live in Gambia in order to engage in property deals?

Frequently, sellers and buyers of land or property must sign the final purchase agreement and deed of sale in person. However, if it is inconvenient, they may seek a power of attorney so that someone else can represent them.

Is it tough to buy a house in Gambia?

No, the government of the Gambia has made it simple for both locals and foreigners to acquire property in the country. Numerous restrictions and regulations that made purchasing real estate difficult in the past have been eliminated, making now an ideal moment to acquire property.