Everything You Need to Know About Real-Estate Investment in the Gambia

August 4, 2021by Hardik

Real Estate investors are going international because of the large investment opportunities awaiting them in the 21st century. The way investments are made has dramatically altered over the years. The emergence of the free market in Europe coupled with new investment opportunities in Africa and the Americas has contributed to this meteoric rise of the real estate industry in places where it seemed highly improbable decades ago.

What Makes Gambia Special?

The Gambia is a country situated on the Atlantic coast and surrounded by the country of Senegal. It has emerged as a great investment opportunity in the world of real estate for both foreign and local buyers. The Gambian government is supportive and committed to free enterprise and business development and free enterprise.

The Gambia has a reputation of:

  • Low Inflation
  • Fiscal Stability
  • Lowest Crime Rates in the World
  • Regulated Property Conveyancing Laws
  • Picturesque Coastal Towns
  • Multilingual Population – Gambian, English & French
  • Tranquillity

The Gambia does have a lot to offer to investors from all around the world and especially Europe. Its culture, way of life, and cost of living are some of the driving factors drawing many foreigners in. With ample sunshine throughout the year and temperatures averaging between 28°C and 35°C, it ticks all the boxes for being an ideal investment land. Its rich wildlife speaks for itself which accounts for more than 500 different species of birds with 6 wildlife protected areas and an array of animals in different ecosystems.

Why is the Gambia Becoming a Profitable Venture?

The government of Gambia over the years has been supportive of the laws of developing real estate, enterprise, and free-market enterprise. The Gambia has built its reputation as a safe investment destination because of the various factors mentioned above. Since it was a previous British colony, the system of laws and convection are similar to those of the UK making it much easier for Europeans to tap into the opportunities the real estate industry has to offer.

Can Investors from Europe Invest in the Gambia?

Europeans can purchase or lease a state-owned property or private property or state-owned property in The Gambia. Interested investors do not need formal approval to purchase property or land and there is no restriction on the form of legal ownership of property by a foreigner.

No special rules apply to Europeans and other foreigners investing, constructing, or developing commercial, residential,, industrial, or agricultural properties and land in the Gambia. Once you shortlist a property you want to buy, you will almost certainly be asked to sign an initial purchase contract or a reservation of some form.

If you are looking to purchase new land for construction or property, there are many options available in premium coastal areas such as Banjul, Serekunda, and Bakau. Whether you want to make a big or small investment, it is hard to miss any opportunity in the Gambia. A thriving nation, it has to offer more than meets the eyes.

Ideal Hub For Investment

The Gambia is not far away from Europe which makes it one of the most accessible countries to European holidaymakers. Gambia tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors contributing immensely to the Gambian economy. The number of visitors is increasing up to 20% every year which makes the Gambian real-estate a real deal for many investors to tap on this opportunity and develop beautiful living spaces along with the country’s prominent cities and coastlines.

The Gambia is affordably priced, which makes it appealing to those who are looking to grab a bargain. The purchase and transfer of land and property in the Gambia are smooth and transparent for foreign investors. If you go by rules and regulations put in place, then you don’t have to worry about anything. The process is fairly simple.

  • After making the purchase, a contract/sale deed is signed between the parties.
  • Followed by registration with Notary and in the appropriate land registry
  • Payment is arranged including any land registry fee.

The Gambia is an ideal investment market with huge potential for foreign investors. Investing in the Gambia through a real estate company that has decades of experience in the industry should be your go-to choice before you make any final purchase decision. Having experts guiding you every step of the way will not only make your investment a valuable piece of business but also bring high ROI in the long run.