House vs. Apartment: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Renting a Single-Family Home

April 16, 2023by Hardik

There’s always the dilemma of choosing between an apartment and a house when looking for a new home. Should you get that lovely house with a large backyard or rent that cosy two-bedroom home in a nearby apartment complex? Will you miss out on anything based on what you choose?

As this is a big decision, knowing the upsides and downsides of living in an apartment vs a home is helpful. Let’s compare the two to find out which one will be your next home.

What Should You Know About Renting an Apartment?

You saw an ad for renting an apartment near you and checked it out. As you can see yourself living there, you should make the move, right? Not yet, as there are some things you must know about living in an apartment.

Upsides of Renting an Apartment

1.    Plenty of Amenities Are Available Within Walking Distance

There’s no denying that when it comes to amenities, apartments take the crown. These gated communities often have a swimming pool, gym, playground (sometimes for specific sports), and clubhouse. A pet-friendly apartment complex can come with a dog park. The best part is that these amenities are available at no extra cost to your rent.

2.    Increased Safety Due To Centralised Security

Safety is another area where apartments excel. Gated communities use the services of security agencies to protect the community. Guards monitor the premises 24×7 and keep track of all visitors entering and exiting the complex.

There are CCTV cameras in all the common areas, every floor has fire extinguishers, and neighbours are next door. Even if you go for a walk late at night, you’ll never have to think about safety.

3.    Everything is a Part of Your Maintenance

Apartment complexes have in-house staff to maintain the property. They clean the common areas, service the lift when necessary, and care for the garden. The monthly maintenance fee covers all these services.

Downsides of Renting an Apartment

1.    There’s no Complete Privacy

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy while living in an apartment. As you share walls with your neighbours, they can hear most sounds easily. If your house has a wooden floor, you’ll need a rug to ensure you don’t get any noise complaints from the family on the previous floor.

2.    Everyone Must Follow the Rules

The apartment’s management association will have a rule book every resident has to follow. This can range from no loud noises after 10 p.m. to time restrictions on how long various amenities are available to residents.

3.    Limitations to Personalisation

While there are no restrictions to how you can set up your house, there will be limits on what you can do inside the property. Landlords will include this in the rental agreement. For example, changing the wall colour is a strict no unless you have the landlord’s permission.

What Should You Know About Renting a House?

Renting a house does come with its share of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what you can expect when you live in a single-family home.

Upsides of Renting a House

1.    There’s Plenty of Space for Everything

Living in a house means there are no compromises when it comes to space. A property in a nice neighbourhood comes with a personal lawn and backyard. You can have a barbeque and get to know your neighbours, your children and pets have space to play, and there’s a garage for your vehicles. How much space you get depends on your rental budget.

2.    Privacy is a Given

You don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours as there are no common walls. Whether you want to use the grinder or vacuum cleaner at night, you’re free to do as you please. Even if you want a dance session in the wee hours of the day, you won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbours.

3.    Zero Restrictions

That’s right, there are no restrictions when renting a house. Want to give the wall in your bedroom a coat of paint to match your decor? Do you want to keep your pet indoors at night? Nothing will be a problem in a single-family home.

Downsides of Renting a House

1.    Amenities Are an Additional Cost

Like to go for a swim every day, but your house doesn’t have a pool? Not only will you have to find a public swimming pool, but you’ll also have to pay to access this facility. Similarly, if you want a gym, you’ll either have to find one close by or shell out for the equipment to set up one at home.

2.    Safety is on You

If you don’t live in a gated community, you’re in charge of security. If you want to install CCTV cameras, you have to bear the cost. When you want to go on a weekend getaway or a vacation, you need to ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house.

3.    Maintenance is Your Responsibility

Unlike apartments, you won’t have an association to help maintain your property. If the plants in your garden need trimming, you’ll either have to do it yourself or hire a professional. This means you’ll have to set apart some time to take care of your property.

Should You Rent an Apartment or House?

While there are benefits and drawbacks to renting an apartment or house, you need to decide where you’re willing to make a compromise. Are you okay with having excellent security at the expense of nosy neighbours? Or do you want peace of mind but at the cost of security?

At the end of the day, you need to determine what’s a dealbreaker for you. Whether you go for an apartment or house, make sure you choose one that fits your lifestyle.

Wrapping It Up

Comparing the pros and cons of renting a house vs an apartment will make it easier to come to a decision on where you want to live. If you’re unsure, we recommend giving it a day or two before you make the call.

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