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Presenting the “dream come true” for those seeking an affluent house for sale in Gambia Bijilo. These 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom luxury abodes set in the lap of nature are perfect for leisurely getaways and profitable investments alike.

Project Overview

If you’re looking for a Luxury house for sale in Gambia Bijilo, Aqua View Apartments by Swami India International is your best bet. It is a perfect setting of nature and luxuriance, fulfilling your desire and mission to succour nature. These 1, 2 and 3 bedroom plush abodes are a new wave of luxury house development in the area, where you will see nature’s charisma unfolding right in front of your eye.

Bijilo is an exciting option when looking for an investment opportunity. Its proximity to tourist amenities increases the chances of renting it out. Also, at Aqua View, you will be able to enjoy various high-end features like a swimming pool, playground, garden, restaurant, etc. The management business will efficiently manage all the standard facilities.

So when seeking a sophisticated house for sale in Gambia Bijilo, consider Aqua View Apartments.


Aquaview Apartments

From €53,200


Aquaview Apartments

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