About Real Estate Investing In THE GAMBIA, WEST AFRICA

February 12, 2024by Hardik

The Gambia is known for their 80 km long golden sandy beach. The country is nestled within Senegal on the Western African coastline. The capital Banjul is the port to many African countries.

In the last decade the economy has been rapidly growing. One of the main causes is the democratic presidential government, which has brought the countries reputation to a calm, fiscal stable, low crime rate and low inflation rate level. The Gambian government is seeing the importance now of a good infrastructure and they stimulate the growth of industries and real estate development.

We want to give you the best reasons why you should start investing in the Gambian real estate market. Swami India International Ltd is a real estate Development company based in The Gambia. We have built a reputation within the industry for quality, integrity, reliability, and professionalism to all our business activities. We invite you to contact us if you have any other questions about Property Investment in the Gambia, West Africa.

Tourism is the fastest growing economic sector.

Contributing for almost 20% of the country’s GDP, the tourism sector is the main economic sector of The Gambia next to agriculture. The official language is English, because The Gambia was for years a British colony. Since 1965 the country is independent from the UK. In 1994, there was a military takeover and it was not until early 1997 that the country returned to constitutional rules. The Gambia has a democratic government with HE Adama Barrow as the current president.

The Gambia is like a recently discovered paradise. A raw diamond! Within a 6 hour direct flight from Europe and the UK with no jet-lag you can find one of the smallest and safest African countries. Or you can take a short 30 minute flight to Dakar airport where you can step into the direct flights to France, New York, Dubai, the Middle East and South East Asia for example.

Holiday homes are popping up on the coast line and in the villages close to the beaches and vibrant cities Serekunda and the capital Banjul. Real estate developers and investors have found their way to the country and the government is inviting them to help building the countries economy.

Creating jobs and building the economy

Local Gambians provide also from the growing real estate industry. For example the labor of all the plots that need to be prepared for building, selling of building materials, lawyers, architects and building and managing of the real estate itself is creating thousands of jobs in a country with a very high unemployment rate.

Corruption has prevented foreigners from investing in the country. A number of arrests and convictions of high profile politicians and government officials have taken place. When you are not familiar to the local rules and requirements it can be hard to find out the steps to take to legally build your property in The Gambia. Although the laws and rules are similar like the UK laws around property owning, you also need know about the local habits and rules. We have build our team of professionals to help you to create success.

Available opportunities in The Gambian real estate

You can find all kind of investment opportunities on The Gambian real estate market. From building a new home on a large plot of land near the beach to buying existing real estate that has been partly constructed and practically just needs the finishing touch before putting it on the sales market.

  • Thinking about a temporary or more permanent second home in The Gambia?
  • You can buy a your dream holiday villa or apartments.
  • We have different types of properties from Apartments to Villas (1,2,3 & 4 bhk).
  • We provide payment plan too.
  • You could start your own guesthouse, holiday rental village of hotel complex.
  • There are a few real estate developers and construction companies that offer modern turn key ready houses within a safe fenced estate.
  • We are of the best known developers in The Gambia and we are building along the coast and in villages nearby.
  • The most recent development project is Airport Residency which is near to Airport and Horizon which is near to Senegambia, Senegambia is most popular place for locals and tourist.
  • And have you been thinking about commercial real estate or to start up a business? We can tell you where the most growth is expected and guide you step by step. Let’s connect and talk about your ideas. Bring your real estate dream to life with Swami India International Ltd.

Owning a property in The Gambia

When you are planning to buy undeveloped land in The Gambia make sure you find out who is the real owner of the land. It happened many times that the ‘owner’ offered you the legal documents of his land, but sometimes even without knowing, he is not the legal owner anymore. How is that possible?

The main reasons are that the recent ‘owner’ was not following the payment requirements of their mortgage on the land or was not following  the timeline requirements set forth by the government. They state that you are required to at least build basic infrastructure such as a well and building or foundation within a 2 year period. If these development requirements have not been followed the land will return to state ownership. That is why its advisable to work with professional and credited company like Swami India International Ltd. We are in the industry from 2004 and complete many Private and Government Projects.

Tax insights

Individual taxation; non-residents are taxed on their Gambian source income. Income and capital gains earned by companies are taxed at a flat rate of 27% levied on the net income, or 1% turnover tax levied on the total turnover for the tax year, whichever method yields a higher tax liability. Income-generating expenses are deductible when calculating taxable income. A higher 2% turnover tax rate, instead of a 1% turnover tax, is levied on companies with unaudited accounts.

Rental income earned from leasing residential property is taxed at a flat rate of 8%. In computing for taxable income, repair and maintenance costs, interest on associated borrowings, and depreciation are deductible from the gross rent.

Capital gains are assessed and taxed under special rules. Capital gains may be taxed in two ways, with the option that results in higher tax liability as the applicable method; net gains are taxed at 15-25%, or the 5-10% tax is levied on the selling price.

Capital gains realized from the following transfers of property are exempt from taxation:

  • Transfers of properties as a gift or inheritance
  • Transfers of real property for a consideration of GMD7,500 /€125,- or less (excluding properties valued at over GMD20,000 /€333,-)

Property tax; there are no property taxes in Gambia.

Property transaction costs are low in Gambia. The round trip transaction costs include all costs of buying and then re-selling a property; lawyers´ fees, notaries´ fees, registration fees, taxes, agents´ fees, etc.

Stamp Duty        5% paid by buyer

Legal Fee            2% – 3% paid by buyer

Round trip transaction costs        7% – 8% paid by buyer


Gambia is a potential goldmine for overseas real estate investors.

Given the above information and insights in the basic rules and tax duties in The Gambia creates an image of the booming real estate market in the African coastal country. It is an attractive investment opportunity for both local and foreign buyers. The so called Gambian diaspora are one of the group of investors building their second home in their homeland. They rent for short or long term, they build and or rent their property out during the time there are not in the country.

  • Do you know someone who is interested in investing in the real estate of The Smiling Coast Of Africa?
  • When it comes to an actual sale through us, we will reward you with a commission fee.
  • We offer step by step guidance buying, building and managing your overseas properties.

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