As part of its corporate mission in The Gambia and to emerge as the most preferred company in its field with Global standards in efficiency, technology, products and services, Swami India International Ltd has stood the test of time by growing steadily, offering vast and versatile services including the Development and construction of Paradise Estates.

Swami India International Limited is a company limited by shares and incorporated underthe Gambia’s companies Act 1955, on the 6TH day of July 2004. Swami India Internationalprovides Property in the Gambia is based on a solid foundation of a team of competentpeople working in harmony and in unison to meet and exceed our customers' expectation.From day one we have made the building of team of top-quality personnel as our numberone priority, as quality is our goal. PROMOTERS: The promoters are contributing not onlyin financial aspect but also technical areas too.

As part of its corporate mission in The Gambia and to emerge as the most preferred company in its field with Global standards in efficiency, technology, products and services, Swami india international Ltd has stood the test of time by growing steadily, offering vast and versatile services.

Board Members

Managing Director : Mr. Khimji V. Pindoria

Directors : Mr. Suresh N. Pindoriya and Mr. Dinesh G. Gorasiya

Current Projects

Paradise View, Salagi

Paradise Estate, Old Yundum

Paradise City, Farato

Sun Beach Village, Sanyang

Rural Electrification Project (REEP) at Basse & Farahfenni

About the Gambia

The Gambia is a small country in West Africa with total area of 4,000 square miles or11,295 sq. km (about 320 km. long). It is surrounded by Senegal on all sides (see map),except on the Atlantic coast, and for this reason the two countries have a lot of ethnic andcultural ties. The coastal line is 80 km and the border boundary with Senegal is 740 km.

The Gambia is a very small and narrow country whose borders mirror the meandering Gambia River. It lies between latitudes 13° and 14°N, and longitudes 13° and 17°W.

The country is less than 48.2 km (30.0 mi) wide at its widest point, with a total area of 11,295 km². Approximately 1,300 km² of The Gambia's area is covered by water. It is the smallest country on the continent of Africa. In comparative terms The Gambia has a total area which is slightly less than that of the island of Jamaica. The western side of the country borders the North Atlantic Ocean with 50 miles of coastline.

The climate of The Gambia is tropical. There is a hot and rainy season, normally from June until November, but from then until May there are cooler temperatures with less precipitation.


It is an extension of our business operations in the Gambia. The main objective of this project is the provision of good quality housing to the Gambia populace at very affordable prices. Paradise Estates Project will develop three model houses in two phases.

Phase 1 – The company will build 59 houses of the three model Designs namely KACHIKALLY, GEORGETOWN and TORONTO respectively.



Kachikally Model


Georgetown Model


Toronto Model


Phase 2 – This stage the company will construct 101 houses of the three model Designs houses first mentioned above.



Kachikally Model


Georgetown Model


Toronto Model


Model Houses

Kachikally House – This is a three bedroom bungalow built on a plot size of 15.00m by 30.00m.

Georgetown House – This is a three bedroom storey building built on a plot size of 15.00m by 30.00m.

Toronto House – This is a four bedroom storey building built on a plot size of 15.00m by 40.00m.

In our effort to design the Paradise Estates, we have attempted to offer a product that will enable us to always be in demand by our valued customers and clients. The most important factor in developing our future designs is market need. Our knowledge in understanding the needs of our target market segments shall be one of our competitive advantages. As it is critical in our drive to develop the right new products, so we intended to have what we call a "Core Design Concept” that will be the foundation of future products. This shall be with time as we determine market responses to the Model Houses already present to the market.

Paradise Estates will broaden its designs so as to reach other segments of the market over the long term. In doing so we will strive hard to ensure that the product is competitive and compatible with the existing housing products available in the market.

Swami India International in its effort to develop Paradise Estates will also take advantage of our construction experience elsewhere to bring in building models that will be appealing to all sectors of our client. This approach we believe will win as many customers to the company thereby assuring us a friendly place in the minds and hearts of our well valued customers.


The Farato project is the second estate development project undertaken by Swami in 2008. Farato city which consist of 170 plots was developed as a site and service scheme. It was projected for completion in four years but due to high demand all the plots have been sold before the end of the project life. The project also includes some low cost houses comprising of 2 bedrooms each on a plot size of 10 m x 20 m


"Where life is a celebration”

The Sun beach village project is a site and service scheme comprising the development of a 43 hectares piece of land in Sanyang village. A site and service scheme is an improved version of the conventional or public land allocation system. The land is to be developed by simply putting in the necessary infrastructure which would include the construction of a wide road network made of laterite stones and hard paved with blocks, a developed play ground, a fully developed school with buildings, a well equipped medical centre, a green park, fully developed supermarket, a water reticulation network, a 3 phase over head electricity distribution system and a sound drainage system.

The land will be demarcated into 520 plots ranging in size from 450m2 to 1000m2 . The project has the distinctive advantage of providing the beneficiaries with the opportunity to opt for a turnkey arrangement with Swami or a contractor-built house or a less expensive own-built house which allows for much participation and decision making by the beneficiary. There is a greater access to housing in a site and service scheme than in a completed housing option.

Project Site and Location

Sanyang is located in Kombo north along the coastal strip. Agriculture is the main land use. Sanyang is a typical rural village that is gradually changing in character as an urban settlement because of increase commercial activity, tourism and fishing.

The site where the project is located is four kilometres away from the coastal high way. The land has sandy or loamy surface and flat in nature slightly sloping towards the beach and the vegetation is all grass land.

The project is located within the area designated for agricultural use but the developer has planning approval for change of land use to residential. The site falls within the jurisdiction of the State lands Act that is under the control of central government. The Act recognises the existence of two different kinds of land teneurship within its jurisdiction i.e. traditional or customary ownership and the allocation system characterized by a proper legal registration system. Swami has legal title to the property with a duly registered lease of the land in question.


This stone crushing activity is being undertaken by Swami purposely as a complementary venture meant to satisfy the needs of the company in its construction projects. As the company embarked on large scale construction projects there was the need to ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply of stones hence the establishment of the crushing plant. The plant has a monthly production capacity of 2500 cubic metres of stones. Three types of stones are crushed at the plant as mentioned below and are all of high quality. They are 16 x 25, 8 x 16 and 0 x 3


The bore hole drilling activity was started in 2007. The company has drilling machines that meet the required standard sizes of 8”, 6” and 4.5” and can drill up to a maximum dept of 80 metres. Since inception the company has drilled 300 bore holes.


The company is engaged in the manufacturing of paving blocks and tiles by using gravel dust from its literate stone crushing plant at the quarry in Farato. It manufactures heavy duty interlocking tiles from black stones. The blocks are heavily compressed to make them solid and durable. They are produced in different colours and designs. The plant has a production capacity of 60 sq metres a day.

At Swami India International we offer work from Professionals and Quality is our Goal.