Sun Beach

Sun Beach

These palatial villas are the grandest properties in all of Paradise Estate. Not only are they the biggest in size, but they are also conveniently located on arrival into the estate creating a wonderful impression on guests and other visitors. The driveway is wide enough to comfortably fit two SUVs while the entrance garden makes for a quaint sit out area.

The vestibule you enter into, maintains the privacy of your family who can lounge around in a spacious living room without being disturbed. The dining area opens out into the garden, creating well-lit and peaceful dining experiences. Moreover, the powder room is a wonderful addition especially when you have guests over.

Running a kitchen is the heart of any household, and that’s why we’ve made it as convenient and welcoming as possible. The Type A kitchen comes fitted with imported modular cabinets and drawers. Granite counter tops and ceramic tiled walls are easy to maintain and clean. The kitchen also has a pantry room attached to it giving you the freedom of extra storage. The backdoor of the kitchen opens out into the wash yard with a space for a kitchen garden adjacent to it. Now you can grow your own veggies and fulfill your dream of giving your family homegrown and home cooked food.

The kitchen garden also becomes a beautiful green view for the ground-floor bedroom that comes attached with a bathroom. The rest of the three bedrooms are on the first floor. The master bedroom is the largest and comes with it own private balcony. The enormous and master bathroom accommodates another wardrobe as well. In a Type A property, you feel like you are living life king size.

4 BHK Properties in Accra Ghana

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

01 Verandah 4800 X 1500
02 Vestibule 2100 X 3150
03 Drawing Room 6450 X 4500
04 Toilet 2100 X 1200
05 Dining 4200 X 5250
06 Kitchen 4200 X 4950
07 Store 1425 X 1575
08 Laundry 1425 X 1575
09 Bedroom 4350 X 4950
10 Toilet 1425 X 2700
01 Lounge 3000 X 3600
02 Bedroom 4200 X 4950
03 Toilet 1425 X 3300
04 Bedroom 4200 X 4950
05 Toilet 1425 X 3300
06 Bedroom 6450 X 4500
07 Dress / Toilet 2100 X 4500
08 Balcony 4800 X 1500

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