Swami India International Limited is a never before and a never again class of exclusive dwelling. Swathed in lush green flora, it offers abundance of luxury in one’s secluded retreat, and the sanctum of heavenly desires.

SIIL believes that real luxury cannot always be bought. Real luxury is all about space, moments and sometimes it’s limited, exclusively for you. Check our property in Gambia as given below:

Paradise View - Salagi is an exclusive property in Gambia, and the much-desired pause in your life to look back and look forward with great dedication. Luxury is when your bespoke villas give you a paradisal experience. At Paradise View... Read More
A perfect setting of nature and luxuriance fulfilling your desire and a mission to succour nature. At Forest View, property in Gambia by SIIL, you will see the nature’s charisma unfolding right in front of your eye. Picturing the first... Read More
These palatial villas are the grandest properties in all of Paradise Estate. Not only are they the biggest in size, but they are also conveniently located on arrival into the estate creating a wonderful impression on guests and other visitors.... Read More
Gracing the lands of Gambia, Barakah Estate by SIIL is a recently launched property in Gambia which brings to you the rarest opportunity to own a private home amidst the beauty of nature. With the bespoke homes at Barakah Estate... Read More

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